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We have combined Aircraft commercial and Military Experience totaling over  35 years. LW AEROSPACE was established in 2008 as a satellite Repair Station in Virginia USA with the founding Group having more than 50 Years International presence. In March 2019 LW AEROSPACE joined THE GLENMARK Group LLC, dba LW Aerospace, retaining the well-established Operational and technical staff.

As part of the GlenMark Group LLC, dba LW AEROSPACE has the benefit of an effective structure and cost efficiency and ergonomically friendly process layout.

Combined with over 15 Years aviation experience and inventory to support our capabilities we are able to offer a 1-5 day turnaround of multiple assembly types in most cases.

Corporate Expertise & Differentiators

Expertise :

  • Operational Excellence

  • Solution Provider

  • Realibility and Service

  • Project Mangement

  • Short Lead-Times

  • Fast Turn Time

  • Low Cost/Lean Process

Training/Auditing :

  • FAA Training Program

  • Audited OJT Training

  • Human Factors

  • In-process Auditing

  • HAZMAT Certified

Technical :

  • A&P Certified Technicians

  • Qualified and Broad Experienced Management

  • Aerospace/Medical/Automotive

  • Audited Tech Data/Manuals

  • Certified Entity for Military Critical Technical Data Control

Military Customers :

  • USCG- Elizabeth City

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Cygnus Aerospace


  • Vertex L3-Flight International

FBO/Brokers/MRO's :

  • Banyan Air Services (FBO)

  • Central Mountain Air Ltd (CA)

  • Unical Group (AVIATION), (MRO), (DEFENCE)

  • Reginal One (Broker)

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