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The late and very respected 


Laurence (Larry) Smith served time in the Royal Air Force, as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer. He saw a niche in the market for a new business based on customer service, quality, design, products and attention to detail. This small business has grown to become The MEL Group.

Of course, behind every successful man there is a stronger woman. Laurence’s wife, Patricia (Pat) Smith continued his dream for many years.

They would be immensely proud of The MEL Group brand. It is now up to everyone to continue in the spirit of what these two wonderful people began way back.


 "Nanny Pat"   an inspiration to us all....

"Achievement is the resulting sum of a great partnership and  undeniable strength of character and moral belief"     


In memory of and page devoted to the Late

Laurence and  Patricia Smith

(sadly passed but legacy remaining and admired by many)

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